What We Do

“In any creative industry, the fact that others are moving

in a certain direction is always proof positive that

a new direction is the only direction.”

George Lois


In a media-saturated world, that new direction is brand partnerships.

Rapture connects brands with fans at the world’s greatest live events.

Why? Because advertising works best when people are happy.

And what makes you happy?


Seeing your favourite band live with thousands of people?


Sitting back to watch the world’s biggest football teams on your TV?


A message that cuts through the noise, and speaks to you and the things you love?


We have access to some of the happiest moments of people’s lives through iconic names in music, sports and culture.

We place your content in environments your competitors can only dream about – a One Direction tour, a Barcelona game, the Venice Film Festival.

Our work is based on your objectives – we listen, we understand your goals, and then we grow your brand’s popularity by connecting you with the people you want to reach.

What We Believe

Rapture is a philosophy.


We pour gasoline on your fire.


We make your brand remarkable.


We create Rapture.


Get your creative where it will be seen, in front of the most passionate fans at the biggest events


Align your brand with what your consumers care about, and reap the benefits of positive perception


Make sure people remember and engage with your wider strategy by being part of experiences they won't forget

What They Say

Consumers are global, and so are we. Rapture coordinates its global operation from headquarters in London, the advertising capital of the world.

"Thanks so much for all your help in putting together a succesful campaign! Everything looks amazing!"

- MTV / Brand

"We are very happy to have participated in this activity! Thank you for your efforts, support and patience!"

- Qatar Airways / Brand

"Saw this campaign at the One Direction concert. I had to subscribe to their Youtube Channel!"

- Mia / Fan

"Thank You So Much […] Our ad looked great!"

- IMAX / Brand

"Thanks again for a really professional collaboration. Looking forward to next year!"

- German Unity Day / Partner

"Thank you for the tour. The team was professional and friendly, our fans had a great experience."

- CAA / Partner

"Saw this trailer on the screens at the fan park, bought my tix!"

- Jarrod / Fan

"Grazie to everyone at Rapture, we welcome you to our family for many more years."

- PalazzinaG / Partner

What's Next?